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Clovis Silveira Patent Attorney, BSc in Electronic Engineer in 1967 at USP São Paulo University, Physics and Mathematics at the Philosophy, Sciences, Literature and Languages School at USP. Computer Science at the USP Institute of Mathematics and Statistics; Business Administration at FGV. Former teacher of Physics, Computer Science, Information Technology and Systems Engineering. Specialized in several technological areas in Brazil, USA, France and Japan. Published many articles on intellectual property. Is Coauthor of two books on Intellectual Property, IP Agent before the BPTO Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office, Chairman of the Board of ASPI - São Paulo Intellectual Property Association, President of the Patents Commission of IBPI - Brazilian Intellectual Property Institute, Member of ABPI - Brazilian Intellectual Property Association, Member of ABAPI - Brazilian Industrial Property Agents Association, Member of FICPI - Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle. CEO of C&S InterPatents, manages a team of associate professionals and consultants that are senior patent experts with practical background acquired in various engineering and industrial companies in Brazil and abroad, with PhD or MSc level and many years of professional experience. Besides Portuguese, Brazil official language, there is good understanding and practice of English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Hindi. This is most valuable in communicating with clients and understanding their needs, doing wide technological searches and understanding prior art references.

Patrícia J. G. Silveira BSc in Law and Industrial Property Official Agent. Specializes in patent and trademark applications filing and prosecution, litigation and legal actions. Is a member of ABAPI Brazilian Industrial Property Agents Association and member and Social Director of ASPI - Sao Paulo Intellectual Property Association. Manager of the Trademark Department and is responsible for domain name registrations in Brazil and abroad. Partner and General Manager of C&S InterPatents, taking care of the Trademarks Department and International Department. She is fluent in Portuguese and English.

Djan Chu Silveira BSc in Communications and Arts. Specializes in Information Technology. Since 1996 works in Industrial Property. Firstly at the Technical Department, working with Technical Translations and Patent Searches. Since 2006 developed C&S InterPatents LAN mainly focused in Intellectual Property matters. He is also in charge of all matters related to Industrial Design, Photographic and Graphic Design. Currently he is a Partner and the CIO of C&S InterPatents and is fluent both in Portuguese and English.

Bruno J. Gonçalez BSc in Marketing at Anhembi Morumbi University, technician of the Patent Department. Works with patent searches and patent filing at the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI). Has taken extensive training from ASPI - São Paulo Intellectual Property Association. Is in charge of the Prosecution Department and of the National and International Communications Department.

Eugenio Goldberger BSc in Civil and Electric Engineering. Expert in the drafting of patent documents, follow-up and technical defense of ongoing processes with BPTO Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office, contesting third parties patent applications and prosecuting international patent applications. C&S InterPatents IP Consulting Engineer, fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Tatiana Duque Paralegal of the Trademark Department of C&S InterPatents. Assistant to Dr. Patrícia Silveira and responsible for the filing and monitoring of trademark applications, as well as for the communication with costumers.

Laiz Rocha BSc in Marketing at Anhembi Morumbi University. Administrative assistant, responsible for the scheduling, collection and communications with the costumers.

Leonardo Fagundes BSc in Business Administration at the School of Economics and Business Administration of the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP). Technical Department of C & S InterPatents as assistant to Dr. Clovis Silveira in Engineering and Industrial Property, as well as in the preparation of reports and technical reports related to patents. Fluent in Portuguese and English.

Amitava Dutta-Roy PhD in Electronic Engineering at London University. Has taught and researched Computer Simulation and Simulation Techniques at USP University of São and at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). C&S InterPatents Consulting Engineer, based in New York, fluent in Hindi, English and Portuguese.

Milton Candeloro BSc in Civil Engineering with post-graduation in Appraisal Engineering. Former legal expert at the Federal Courts of Justice, at the Civil Court of Appeal and at the Court of Justice of São Paulo. Member of the Brazilian Institute of Appraisal and Engineering Skills (IBAPE), of the Judging Committee of technical works of the Brazilian Congress of Assessment and Expert Opinion. Lecturer at technical events and author of several technical papers. C&S InterPatents Consulting Engineer, fluent in Portuguese and English.

Guido Salmoni BSc in Electronic Engineering, post-graduated in Business Administration; MSc in Finance. Worked for several Brazilian and multinational companies and was also an independent consultant. He worked as CIO at a Canadian telecommunications multinational In Brazil and has been several times to the United States, Canada, France, England, Italy and Sweden. C&S InterPatents Consulting Engineer, fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Gloria Maria D. Almeida PhD in Biology at University of São Paulo, has been a researcher at the Biomedical Sciences Institute of University of São Paulo. She published several scientific articles in specialized journals and notifications to the Brazilian Congress. She is a C&S InterPatents Consulting Biologist, fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Italian.

Vanda R.T. Scartezini BSc in Electronic Engineering. Former CEO of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI). Former member of the Inter-ministerial Secretariat for Industrial Technology, of the Board of the Brazilian Information Technology Centre and of the Administration Council of the Brazilian Agency of Economic Development. Is a member of ICANN. C&S InterPatents Consulting Engineer, fluent in Portuguese and English.

Max Richard B. Wolff BSc in Electric and Mechanical Engineering from Bremerhaven and in Management from Rentlingent. Worked for many years for German, Swedish, Swiss and American companies in Brazil and for many years at a Danish multinational as technical director and CEO. C&S InterPatents international Consulting Engineer, based in Dresden, fluent in German, English and Portuguese.

Evandro Ferrazoli Ribeiro BSc in Metallurgy Engineering at USP Sao Paulo University, MSc in Business Administration at FGV. Consulting Engineer at the Engineering and Patent Department, Consulting Engineer in Patent Infringement matters. Project Manager at National Consortium for Consulting Engineers. Fluent in Portuguese and English.

Member of:

Sao Paulo Intellectual
Property Association

Brazilian Intellectual
Property Association

Brazilian Industrial Property
Agents Association

Brazilian Intellectual
Property Institute

Asociación Interamericana
de la Propiedad Industrial

Fédération Internationale
des Conseils en
Propriété Industrielle

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